The Holy Father's Prayer Intentions for 2015

Each month, Pope Francis announces his special prayer intentions--particular things that he wishes all Catholics to pray for that month.

Pope Francis offers two intentions every month, one Universal, and one For Evangelization.


Universal: Peace
That those from diverse religious traditions and all people of good will may work together for peace.

Evangelization: Consecrated life
That in this year dedicated to consecrated life, religious men and women may rediscover the joy of following Christ and strive to serve the poor with zeal


Universal: Prisoners
That prisoners,especially the young, may be able to rebuild lives of dignity.

For Evangelization: Separated spouses
That married people who are separated may find welcome and support in the Christian community.


That those involved in scientific research may serve the well-being of the whole human person.

For Evangelization: Contribution of women
That the unique contribution of women to the life of the Church may be recognized always.

Universal: Creation
That people may learn to respect creation and care for it as a gift of Gods.

For Evangelization: Persecuted Christians
That persecuted Christians may feel the consoling presence of the Risen Lord and the solidarity of all the Churchs.

Universal: Care for the suffering
That, rejecting the culture of indifference, we may care for our neighbors who suffer, especially the sick and the poor.

For Evangelization: Openness to mission
That Mary’s intercession may help Christians in secularized cultures be ready to proclaim Jesus.

Universal: Immigrants and refugees
That immigrants and refugees may find welcome and respect in the countries to which they come.

For Evangelization: Vocations
That the personal encounter with Jesus may arouse in many young people the desire to offer their own lives in priesthood or consecrated life.

Universal: Politics
That political responsibility may be lived at all levels as a high form of charity.

For Evangelization: The poor in Latin America
That, amid social inequalities, Latin American Christians may bear witness to love for the poor and contribute to a more fraternal societys.

Universal: Volunteers
That volunteers may give themselves generously to the service of the needy.

For Evangelization: Outreach to the marginalized
That setting aside our very selves we may learn to be neighbors to those who find themselves on the margins of human and society

Universal: Opportunities for the young
That opportunities for education and employment may increase for all young people.

For Evangelization: Catechists
That catechists may give witness by living in a way consistent with the faith they proclaim

Universal: Human trafficking
That human trafficking, the modern form of slavery, may be eradicated.

For Evangelization: Mission in Asia
That with a missionary spirit the Christian communities of Asia may announce the Gospel to those who are still awaiting it.

Universal: Dialogue
That we may be open to personal encounter and dialogue with all, even those whose convictions differ from our own.

For Evangelization: Pastors
That pastors of the Church, with profound love for their flocks, may accompany them and enliven their hope

Universal: Experiencing God’s mercy
That all may experience the mercy of God, who never tires of forgiving.

For Evangelization: Families
That families, especially those who suffer, may find in the birth of Jesus a sign of certain hope.

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