midday offering

(This is done at your most convenient time when you have a few moments to spare.)


Close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths and calm down.
Be aware and believe that God is present within you.
Ask the Lord to help you see how you have lived your day (since you woke up this morning).

Look back on the day. Ask yourself:


"Were there good and high moments when I allowed God to use me to do what He wants of me?"
"Were there bad and low moments when I refused to allow God to use me to do what He wants of me?"
During the ordinary and routine moments, (e.g. eating breakfast, talking to your family, schoolmates, employees etc.), "did I relate to people in the way that God wants me to?"

Thank God for the times when you did what He wanted.

Ask God for forgiveness for the times when you did not do what He wanted.

End with asking God to help you live the rest of the day more fully in His ways.

Read a prayer composed by a Jesuit as his daily offering.
Teach me to listen

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